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Our Properties
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6,460 sqf

6 bedrooms

6 bathrooms

Manor House surrounded by Pines
In the middle of a lush pine forest environment we find 2,47 acres close to one of the best hotels in Punta del Este, the 6460 sqf house cannot be unnoticed by its elegance and class.

27,695 sqf

Two unique plots together on the Laguna Garzón, are sold together to be able to build according to regulations in the area.

10,763 sqf

5 bedrooms

6 bathrooms

Superb House Seafront In Carrasco
A superb house built on a height overlooking the sea and the beach, built on three floors, designed by renowned architects Pozzi and Ponce de Leon in 1999.

3,229 sqf

3 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

Modern house in Beverly Hills
Ideal area for living year round. Near schools, shopping, supermarket, mansa and brava beaches. House was built in 1 floor, but has the structure to build another floor.