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1253 Acres

5 bedrooms

5 bathrooms

Farmland With The Best View Surrounded By Hills To The Sunset In The Rural Punta Del Este
This farmland offers two sales possibilities: The total farmland has 500 hectares (1253 acres) which there are 358 acres of afforestation implemented...
Punta Del Este Rural
USD 2500000

4015 Acres

2 bedrooms

1 bathrooms

In Treinta y Tres County, breeder farmland
Good farmland, 4015 acres with scenic environment, good watered, principal house, foreman house and all the equipment to work with livestock.
Treinta y Tres, Uruguay
USD 4000000

123 Acres

Pan de Azucar virgin land to be fractionated
It 's a 123 acres land to be divided in plots of 12 acres located in a place named El Tirol because...
Pan de Azucar, Uruguay
USD 500000

603 Acres

600 acres beachfront near La Pedrera in Rocha
Unique 603 acres beachfront between La Pedrera and Cabo Polonio. Today it's a cattle farm ranch.
La Pedrera, Rocha
USD 19000000

198 Acres

3 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

Land farm overlooking the Cerro Pan de Azucar
A 198 acres land farm, of which 111 acres are eucalyptus grandis afforestation. Has direct access by Interbalnearia Rd., near Piriapolis, in...
Cerros, Piriápolis
USD 1950000

4942 Acres

Cerro Catedral: the highest point in Uruguay
At the highest point of Uruguay, we have 2000 has = 4942 acres, with superb views, permanent watered with creeks, streams and...
Maldonado, Uruguay
USD 9000000

311 Acres

2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

311 acres next to La Pedrera in Rocha
126 hectares =311 acres next to La Pedrera with 90 has = 222 acres forested. Land of significant appreciation.
La Pedrera, Rocha
USD 1200000